Terms and Conditions


Acknowledgment .. to accept the instructions and sustainable terms and conditions from Turbo AG until the conclusion and completion of the contract, and here are all the terms and conditions that explain our operational policy, which must be read well before logging in, because by logging in and using our services, this is an acknowledgment from you to meet the following terms Prohibited items: Any prohibited items that cannot be shipped to a place inside the Arab Republic of Egypt due to carrier restrictions or local laws. Prohibited purposes include, but are not limited to, the following: Alcohol, tobacco, regular and electronic cigarettes and their parts, and materials prohibited from being shipped legally, and products that are or contain flammable materials, and all cosmetic products can be shipped provided that they are not flammable or one of the other reasons for prohibition, and it is strictly forbidden to ship the legally prohibited drugs listed in the table Drugs stipulated in Law 182 of 1960 and all its amendments until the date of writing this contract. Imported drugs manufactured outside the Arab Republic of Egypt can be shipped, provided that the burden of proof of customs release of those drugs falls on the responsibility of their owner, whether he is an ordinary person or a legal person without the slightest responsibility for our company. Also, fuel (gasoline), matches, or any type of fuel, fresh, perishable or moldy foods, chemical or biological materials of any kind, unknown substances in powder form, and firearms or ammunition of any kind may not be shipped, including including replicas, or any parts thereof, and white weapons of any kind or any of their parts, including swords, knives, spears, etc., as well as human organs or materials, including blood and blood components, Also, it is not possible to ship money, securities, travelers checks, coins, cash equivalents of any kind and also materials of a pornographic or sexual nature, or that aim to spread hate, as well as materials that conflict with copyright, and also any other type of purposes we see according to our belief It may be dangerous, harmful or illegal, and in all cases, the customer is obligated not to transport any materials or goods in violation of the laws within the Arab Republic of Egypt. As it is, in all cases, the customer is obligated to submit all government documents, necessary licenses and customs releases in the case of imported goods, if they are, with the customer’s obligation to extract those goods in case the competent authorities confiscate them, along with submitting the necessary ownership papers and licenses for this, without any legal responsibility on the company. Customer service working hours are from 9 am to 4 pm, but you can communicate via Telegram until 5 pm – New packages are requested to be received (the pickup) a day before through the application, and during this day there is no specific hour for the captain to receive the packages, but coordination with the captain is made during this day according to his itinerary. – The bill of lading is printed for each parcel through the system, and in the event that it is not possible to print temporarily, it can be written on the parcel with a marker pen (code – governorate – region) – We do not accept parcels that are subject to breakage or corruption unless they are packaged through us and you can see more about the terms of the contract, and if they are accepted and packaged by the customer, we do not have any responsibility in the event of their destruction. – The responsibility of packing parcels lies with the sender and not with the company, so we ask you to make sure that the parcel is tightly wrapped to avoid any part of it being lost or destroyed. – If the parcel consists of two or more pieces, they must be combined with one flyer or one bag, because we receive the parcels without counting the number of pieces and we are not responsible if any piece is lost if they are separated. – In the event that the parcel delivered to us by EJ is lost, the sending customer deserves a compensation amount of a maximum of 200 pounds, and the company is not entitled to return to the company in the future with any entitlements or compensation unless the customer insures the shipment and also wraps it for an amount of 5% of the parcel value with a minimum of 10 fairy. – We accept parcels that do not exceed 2 kilos and the size of the average shoe carton. If it increases, as an exception, the shipping costs will be increased by 10 pounds for each additional kilo. If it is large and light in weight, it is priced in an estimate, or you can ship it with the office delivery system. – The “office delivery” system in short: we receive large and heavy shipments and deliver them through the branches only, not to the customer’s door, and this service we provide at a cost of 35 pounds and 45 pounds or a little more in estimation, but not by weight, and also shipping expenses are calculated once the parcel is received even if it is returned Cancellation and partial return will be calculated at another shipping cost. – Cairo parcels are delivered on the next day, and in case of work pressure, it is within a maximum of two days. As for governorate parcels, it is within two working days, and in case of work pressure, it is within a maximum of 4 days. The collection is subject to supply on the company’s operating system inside Cairo 24 hours after delivery, as for the rest of the governorates after 72 hours. – In the event that you receive any money, the system will send a notification to you on the application and also send a text message via your phone number to confirm that you have received the amount. specified duration. – We are not responsible for returns whose presence in the store exceeds 15 days, and if you are late in receiving them, you will be warned through customer service and then try to send it to you once as an expression of our interest in refunding rights, and in the event of refusal to receive it will be disposed of, and in the event that it It was ordered and we didn’t get rid of it then a fine of 15 pounds is paid for each parcel The areas located on the roads between the governorates are outside the area